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In the world changing fast, it is imperative that the pace of growth needs to match with evolution of products that are safe, green, and recyclable, energy efficient. This demands a level of gift and determination to identify products and develop these products from concepts to the hands of the consumer

Autodynamic is the story of a dream that brings this uniqueness to products that are ahead of the times in many fields.

Autodynamic provides innovative products and solutions to the Indian market, these products and solutions satisfy a wide range of basic implied needs for India, our Company has a highly qualified team of professionals more than 25 years’ experience with a Technology and Research Centre in Pune.

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Nowadays, there may be a pressing want for growing fuel/power performance in both conventional and electric powered vehicles. To date, lightweighting tasks have resulted in several modern solutions based on metallic, aluminium, composites and hybrid substances. However, the general public of efforts have didn't attain widespread adoption due to the high fees, indicated via the price of lightweighting (∆cost/∆weight). The excessive value is a result of numerous factors, which includes the price of materials, long cycle times, and investments in new equipment.

Effective and cheap lightweighting requires a holistic method; it requires processing massive amounts of information (performance, manufacturability, fee, environmental). Carmaker designers/ engineers need to evaluate these standards in a multi-parameter optimisation. The excessive complexity of this optimisation makes lightweighting one of the maximum challenging duties of current automobile designers and engineers.

In ATSPL, Engineering, system, design, manufacturing team have joined forces to commonly address the high fee of innovations in vehicle lightweighting. Our weight reduction target is: 20% to 52%.

Automotive lightweight materials: The age of the composite

The car industry goes through a vital improvement phase to cope with predominant problems concerning customers and the environment. One of the biggest demanding situations is to reduce the weight of vehicles to reduce gasoline intake. It is anticipated that a ten% discount in lower weight can result in a 6%-eight% discount in fuel consumption.

Current state of the marketplace:

To improve car safety, noise and vibration, and gas economic system, car organizations are continuously launching new substances, with maximum of them specializing in lightweighting. While motors of the past consisted of entirely steel-based totally merchandise, producers are now transitioning towards aluminium, the quickest-growing light-weight fabric, as well as composite substances that supply enhanced overall performance.

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In ATSPL, Engineering, system, design, manufacturing team have joined forces to commonly address the high fee of innovations in vehicle lightweighting.


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