NABL accredited Quality Lab

NABL accredited Quality Lab

• ATSPL has a NABL approved laboratory which helps in testing raw materials as well as products. Having an in house laboratory is a tremendous strength of ATSPL.

• Lab tests are major milestones for developing new components until they are ready for series production. We provides in-house component testing and can apply the findings gained from this to optimize manufacturing flexibility and immediately, without losing time.

We are immensely proud to have our very own RTC Lab as part of the group. Endorsed by NABL, a government-recognised accreditation, RTC Lab is tasked with testing and analysing; designing of automotive and non-automotive applications.

We impart training to people who want to work in laboratories on various polymer-based products.

The utility sphere of Polymer due to its multiple applications is vast across the globe, many new inventions and uses are underway and the ever-changing trends provide a large expanse, Yet the research facilities in this field, especially in India are underexposed and promoting research capability in this highly advanced segment is a necessity.

Our marketing and R & D staff members are well experienced, and trained to provide with expert technical support to our valued customer. We take a hands-on approach to service and Our expertise is extensive and covers everything from design and production processes to a thorough understanding of polymer behaviour and perform during processing and life in the intended variety of different plastics applications.

This enables us to:

  • Choose the best additive to fit a specific application
  • Design new solutions
  • Help in troubleshooting

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