Advanced Engineering

Partnerships are often launched during purely informative discussions on all sorts of occasions.

• The first idea

The very first sketches and ideas define some of the parameters for the production process. Even at this early stage, our specialists are on hand to support our partners with advice and help them work out appropriate and flexible solutions. Feasibility studies also take into account possible production processes and downstream operations.

• Process delivers specific component properties

As a component takes on shape and size, reliable material data is essential in order to design for different load cases. Especially for fiber composite structures with anisotropic characteristics, Process trials are important for validating the production process and component properties.

• Prototyping and fine-tuning

In our Engineering we have facilities for producing prototypes & preproduction parts. This learning phase also shows up further optimization opportunities for the production process.

• Project and implementation phase

Our experienced project engineers are on hand to give you support, from planning and implementation to on-site production start-up, & will even assume responsibility for the project

• Solutions for series production

Once the component and the production process have been agreed, we will work with you to develop the best production solution. The degree of automation, post-mold processing, and coordination of downstream operations are all important considerations. We will then quote for a solution optimized with respect to capital investment and unit manufacturing costs.

• Production support

At the start of production (SOP) and during the start-up phase, highly-skilled experts support you with their knowledge of processes.

Our Design Capabilities

  • 1. Full Service supplier Projects
  • 2. Optimization and product
  • 3. performance improvement studies
  • 4. Value Analysis & Value Engineering
  • 5. Support to NA & European technical centres and captive units in India
  • 6. Support to India Automotive OEM and tier suppliers
  • 7. Support to Non-automotive Customers around world

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