• Features :

    • Rugged and Water Resistance Design
    • Use as Desk
    • Innovative Integrated construction
    • Book Stopper
    • Additional Feature Enhancement Possible - Solar lamp or Integrate a pencil/pen holder


    Schools in rural villages are a great boon to the children. The children have to pass through many hurdles starting from their basic needs of travel, books, uniform, etc. Many of these schools are supported by esteemed corporate organizations to meet these basic needs. In this endeavor to provide and enhance some basic needs, a school bag + desk was designed and manufactured for the children.

    The bag is manufactured with the following features :

    • 1. Rugged and Water Proof Design – The material used for manufacturing this bag is Polypropylene which enhances the strength and life of the bag. The bag retains its color, shape and abuse use over a long period. The bag has a lip design at the interface which ensures that the bag is tightly closed and there is no ingress of water during rains. The sling strap is made of strong material to withstand abuse usage by children.

    • 2. Use as Desk – The bag has an ergonomically designed angle for the child to write without any strain to the wrist. This was studied in the village with actual usage by the children.

    • 3. Innovative Integrated construction – This low cost concept was developed to ensure that this school bag + desk can be adapted immediately in rural villages. Both the top and bottom piece of the bag is the same and made out of one manufacturing process. The latch and hinge is also integrated into the single piece construction.

    • 4. Book Stopper – The bag has an integrated feature which, when used as a desk prevents the book or paper from sliding down without clamping.

    • 5. Feature Enhancement – The construction of the school bag + desk has provisions to enhance it with features to add a solar lamp or integrate a pencil/pen holder. It can also be customized to be made in any color.