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Continuous Fiber Structural Products (IMC Technology)

Principle of IMC Technology:
Injection molding Compounder technology is the combination of the twin screw extrusion and plunger type of injection molding operations. The machine configuration is such a way that, continuous fiber roving fed in to the last zone of extrusion section, due to this actually it possible to achieve the longer glass fiber at the component level. Eventually longer fiber length at component level is possible using IMC than by using LFT graduals available in market.

As the process is combined process of continuous and non-continuous process the buffer pot facilities to store the melt during batch process of injection molding. Feeding of continuous roving in last zone of extrusion barrel, pot type of injection molding operation all help to process the glass contained melt with minimum crushing of glass. Important is to design the mold with bit larger size of runner, gate system and less number of sharp cornered flow path which facilitate melt to carry fibers of longer length to mold cavity.

Influence of fiber length on mechanical properties:
As the length of the fiber in plastic melt increases the mechanical properties like stiffness, strength and impact of the material increases. With around 1 mm glass length the stiffness of thermoplastic material increases up to 95 % level, at the same length of glass fiber the strength reaches to around 35% level and impact about 1.4 %. Whereas when glass fiber length in melt reaches 10 mm to 40 mm it is possible achieve best and up to 95 % level of stiffness, strength and impact properties of thermoplastic material.

Where better strength to weight ratio, better impact properties are desired from product, the IMC is one of the ideal technology to utilize. Also IMC is one of the best technologies to convert metal structural part to plastic structural parts.Worldwide there are various automotive and non automotive products are being manufactured using IMC technology.

For instance in automotive Bumper Beam (impact beam) Front end module, rear foot step, wheel chock, rear door module Underbody shields and in non automotive products include Pallets, Suds container for washing machines and many more.

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Diesel + Gas Dual Fuel Combustion System

AutoDynamics is the pioneer to introduce this technology in the Indian market. The system injects a small quantity of alternate fuel like LPG or CNG into the engine. This gas improves the combustion process to ensure that maximum amount of diesel injected is burnt.

This is a full system with can be fitted on new or existing vehicle. This is computer controlled with sensors which can be programmed to increase the performance of the engine. This is an add on system with no modification required in the existing engine.

Greater Economy, Improved Drivability, Reduced Emissions. Increase in power and torque of the engine leads to higher average speeds and less reduction of gear changes. Reduction of fuel consumption costs by 15%. The life of the engine increases due to less carbon contamination so the engine oil stays cleaner for longer time.

In Automotive vehicles ranging from cars to commercial vehicles, In non – Automotive, it can be used in stationary Gensets to reduce fuel consumption.

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High Pressure Composite Cylinder

AutoDynamics is one of the pioneers in the area of design and manufacture of high pressure composite cylinder and cylinder modules for automotive and non automotive applications. These high pressure composite cylinders are use for storage of various fuels like LPG, CNG, Hydrogen, etc.

The product is made of a liner base tank in plastic / steel or alternate material through a patented technology (Patent Appln. No. 2640/MUM/2011). This is layered with composite material of glass, carbon fibre, basalt or aramid fibres based on the end use application and the pressure requirements.

Compared to steel storage tanks, you get a weight savings of above 30%. Multiple storage tanks can be made into a module and can be made in different sizes to suit the end use.

In Automotive, it is used for storage of CNG fuel. The CNG pressure goes to around 200 bar and is used in combination with petrol. In buses, a set of 4 cylinders is used as a module on the roof of the bus.

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Evaporative Cooling System:

Green technology
system using Swedish evaporative edge cooling.

Energy saving
Higher power savings, low maintenance costs, customized designs

Fresh Air
Draws fresh air from outside and cools with evaporative process

In accordance with ASHRAE
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineers Std. 55 - 1992

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CNG Cylinder -
Patent applied and is Pending : 2640/MUM/2011

Veg wash - Patent Pending 2641/MUM/2011. Registered Trade Mark has been issued

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CNG Cylinder - Patent applied and is Pending : 2640/MUM/2011

Veg wash - Patent Pending 2641/MUM/2011. Registered Trade Mark has been issued

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