• Injection molding Compounder technology is the combination of the twin screw extrusion and plunger type of injection molding operations. The machine configuration is such a way that, continuous fiber roving fed in to the last zone of extrusion section, due to this actually it possible to achieve the longer glass fiber at the component level. Eventually longer fiber length at component level is possible using IMC than by using LFT graduals available in market. 

    As the process is combined process of continuous and non-continuous process the buffer pot facilities to store the melt during batch process of injection molding. Feeding of continuous roving in last zone of extrusion barrel, pot type of injection molding operation all help to process the glass contained melt with minimum crushing of glass. Important is to design the mold with bit larger size of runner, gate system and less number of sharp cornered flow path which facilitate melt to carry fibers of longer length to mold cavity. 

Influence of fiber length on mechanical properties: 

  • As the length of the fiber in plastic melt increases the mechanical properties like stiffness, strength and impact of the material increases. With around 1 mm glass length the stiffness of thermoplastic material increases up to 95 % level, at the same length of glass fiber the strength reaches to around 35% level and impact about 1.4 %. Whereas when glass fiber length in melt reaches 10 mm to 40 mm it is possible achieve best and up to 95 % level of stiffness, strength and impact properties of thermoplastic material.


  • Where better strength to weight ratio, better impact properties are desired from product, the IMC is one of the ideal technology to utilize. Also IMC is one of the best technologies to convert metal structural part to plastic structural parts. Worldwide there are various automotive and non-automotive products are being manufactured using IMC technology.


    • Functional Proto-Parts from MS Soft Tool

      • Part Bumper Beam
        Part Size 1087 x 187 x 128
        Part Weight 0.91 Kgs
        Material PP 30 % Continuous Glass fiber filled
        Scope Fitment Trial, Dimension Check, Functional Testing

      • Part Foot Step
        Part Size 721 x 192 x 140
        Part Weight 1.65 Kg
        Material PP 40 % Continuous Glass fiber filled
        Scope Fitment Trial, Dimension Check, , Functional Testing

      FOOT STEP :

      Existing Part :Metal Assy with end caps
      Weight :1.73 kg
      Post Operation : Painted/Powder coated and riveting + assembly
      Designed Part : Single integrated part
      Actual Part :Single integrated part
      Weight :0.90 kg
      Post Operation : Only Sleeve fitment after molding on mounting holes

      LOAD BODY :

      Metal IMC – CGF 30%
      Weight : 34.47 kg Weight : 22 kg
      Savings : 33%



      Metal Lub Compound
      Weight : 13.85 kg Weight : 2.48 kg

           Our understanding of the requirements is as follows:

      • Load on each bearing – 400 kg
      • Operating temp – 60 deg C to 75 deg C
      • Operating Life > 25 yrs
      • Preferably, Self lubricating – low maintenance/maintenance free
      • System for dust prevention (similar to bellows in Auto)
      • Withstand environmental conditions
      • Full design flexibility for the ‘bearing’

      SUMO CASES :

      Value Proposition

      • Patentable design
      • Weight reduction of 20% to 50%