Thermoforming Technology :

Details Of Thermoforming Technology :
  • To join different covering materials (vinyl, polyolefin, fabric, cloth, non-woven, etc.) with no need of glue and adhesive.
  • Different type of cutting (vertical,horizontal,selective,double effect,etc.) during the forming phase,with no additional steps.
  • To obtain very deep drawn shapes,granting a dimensional stability of the finished part.
  • To put into the mould different inserts made of various materials (plastic and ferrous brackets,metal bar, special reinforcement,etc.).
  • To blow twin sheets obtaining a high stiffiess of the part.
  • Wood Fiber : engagement of the supplier in the use of renewable sources.
  • No emission of volatile substances on finished parts.
Advantages Of Thermoforming Technology :
  • One steps Process
  • Low water absorption
  • Low specific gravity
  • High Formability
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Fast Cycle
  • Simple Tooling

Load Floor -Tool Box Cover in Air Blown Technology :

Description Value
Part Price Rs 509.52
Saving est. Rs.300
Saving /PA est. --
Weight Saving 22 % (est. from Metal cad model) VAVE
Status Proposal Approved, CAD and CAE under Progress.
Action Forward Proto Part & Tool PO

Load Floor - Compartment :